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Protean (A Resolution)
Selected by Thorp Stavri for the Gilbert Bayes Award Winner's Exhibition

Protean (A Resolution)_2022_Emily Woolley.jpg
Protean (A Resolution)_2022_Front of Sculpture_Emily Woolley.jpg
Protean (A Resolution)_2022_Back of Sculpture_Emily Woolley.jpg
Protean (A Resolution)_2022_Relational Elements_Emily Woolley.jpg
Protean (A Resolution)_2022_Emily Woolley_Walking.jpg

Protean (A Resolution), 2022


Dimensions variable ​

Silicone, pigment, water-cut copper, copper vinyl, wood, copper rod,  copper ferrules, steel wire, hooks

These sculptures are made by casting water-cut copper within translucent silicone. As you move around them their opacity shifts, slowly revealing the copper inside.  

The material combination gives them strength and flexibility. Cast flat, they are formed through a process of bending. Each sculpture can be endlessly shaped and doesn’t have a fixed final form.   

They are installed in a copper walkway. As the viewer walks towards them, vibrations from footsteps cause the sculptures to quiver.   

Photographs by Dor Even Chen, video by Kalina Pulit

Protean (A Resolution)_2022_Front Full Scale_Emily Woolley.jpg
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